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Favorite Sex Positions Of Teens Fucking

How people like to fuck varies from couple to couple. Everyone is different and some positions are more satisfying to certain people than others. Today, we're going to talk about several popular fucking positions and what they have to offer. The best way to see what works for you and your partner is really to try them all!

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Now, let's talk about the benefits of some of the best fucking positions...

Get Closer in the Missionary Position

The missionary classic is perceived as "vanilla" by some. It's guy on top of girl, lying down. However, it doesn't have to be so vanilla. It always feels good and there are ways to make it more exciting. For example, if you're male, telling your partner what you want her to wear while she's underneath you, in this traditional sex position, may spice things up quite a bit.

For example, if you're into latex, get her to put on something sexy, such as a latex catsuit, and then take off at least part of it while you're having sex. She may want to add a pair of high heels as well and keep them on while you fuck. Adding costumes or some element of role play will be the key to making this position more thrilling for both of you. As well, adding some hot talk will be beneficial. Tell her how she's making you feel and encourage her to do the same.

Make it Hot in the Doggy-style Position

Putting her on her hands and knees will be a great way to access deep penetration that gets both of you off. This position is a porn favorite for good reason. It's raw, it's a bit nasty and it puts the male in the dominant position. The women is definitely a bit more submissive here, but a lot of women enjoy it. You can touch her pussy while you fuck her. This is the key to coming together and feeling as connected as possible.

To make it as hot as can be, start things off with plenty of foreplay. Kissing, massaging and stroking of genitals will jack up both people's temperatures and get them ready for the main act. As well, if you want to, adding a bit of lube may be ideal. If you do enough foreplay, you're not likely to need it. However, it's fun to play with sometimes.

For example, getting her you suck you and then stroke you with a handful of lube before you fuck doggy-style should add a lot of intensity. It's about pushing the guy to the edge, so that's he's super horny. If you're fucking her this way, pay attention to her verbal cues and body language. Don't pound her too hard unless she's indicated that it's pleasurable for her.

Let Her Ride You

When the girl is on top, the guys gets to look at her breasts and the rest of her body while she rides him. Naturally, most guys love this. They get an amazing view and guys are very visual, so this helps them to come. To make this sex position as exciting as possible, be sure to do lots of touching, rather than just fucking. For example, she could stroke your bare thighs while she rides you or pull your hair. You could do the same to her, or touch her pussy while she moves up and down. Sex in this position is the opposite of the missionary position and it's really fun for both people.

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