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How to Fuck Your Fuck Buddy Properly

Are you a guy who wants to give your female fuck buddy the best sex of her life? If so, you should know that our hot tips will help you to give her intense pleasure every single time that you're together. We're here to help guys become veritable sex gods. It's mostly about considering her and discovering what she wants. However, there are ways to find out what she wants without even asking.

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Now, let's talk about how to give your girl fuck buddy an experience that she wants more of!

meet and fuck properly

Don't Rush Too Much

Sometimes, but not always, women need a bit more time to get really horny. While it's possible that she'll be super-horny before you meet up, you can boost the odds of this by sending her sexy texts during the day, before you meet. Use this meet and fuck to keep in touch and tease her a little bit. Let her know what you're going to do to her later and what you want her to do to you. It's a great app for exchanging hot talk, as it's just so easy to use and doesn't have any glitches. You might even want to send her a pic of your hard cock, as she'll be able to think about it all day, before she meets you. This type of sexting really gets results. It gets both people pumped up to meet.

When you do see her, be sure to let her know how beautiful she looks. Whether she's wearing sweatpants or a sexy dress, let her know that you appreciate everything that is special about her. She's one a kind, like all women, and that's what makes her stand out. Before you meet her, you may want to think about something that you love about her, whether it's her lips or her breasts. Think about how looking at these parts of her body makes you feel. Then, tell her how you feel when you see her. It doesn't need to be too scripted. It's just about giving her sincere compliments which help her to feel safer with you.

As well, you may want to give your foreplay skills a workout. This means spending time touching her, rather than just lunging at her and penetrating her. You'll want her to get really wet, so try to rub her through her panties while you kiss her and play with her breasts. Do some serious making out. It sets the stage for great sex later on and you'll enjoy it, too. Get her to touch you while you touch her. Look into her eyes. Watch her face while you touch her. This kind of eye contact will make both of you hornier.

When you're both ready to fuck, think about the conversations that you had with her on FuckSwiper. Did she mention what she likes in bed? Some girls love the missionary position, while others think it's too vanilla. Some girls like it a bit rough while others prefer a more gentle approach. Make sure to read on how to please your fuck buddy. Whatever information she's given you in the past, remember it and use it in order to please her. Giving her oral is definitely a good way to get her wild for you and ready to fuck you, so we really recommend this, unless she's already told you that she doesn't like it. If your oral skills could use a little polishing, watch a bit of porn and pick up some pointers.

During sex, be sure to let her know how good it feels. Some guys can be silent. This may be mysterious and sexy or it may not be. Every guy is different. Since this is about pleasing her, consider some sexting about sex talk during fucking, before you meet her for your hookup. If she's told you she likes dirty talk, give it to her. It's usually pretty easy to let someone know about the sensations that you're feeling during sex. Just say what's on your mind and encourage her to be open and verbal, too. You don't need to have a conversation while you fuck. It's just about building intensity with the right words.

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