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How to Keep a FuckBuddy and Not a Girlfriend

People in our lives play different roles. Sometimes, we want to fuck people but not have relationships with them. As long as the ground rules are understood on both sides, there is nothing wrong with this. Fucking is fun, some relationships don't have to be serious and this is why we want to talk about how to keep a FuckBuddy a FuckBuddy and not a girlfriend.

It may feel a little tricky to keep things physical without getting closer and becoming girlfriend and boyfriend. However, it can be done. Believe it or not, some women, such as a the sexy girls who use the meet and fuck app, really don't want relationships. They are using the app in order to meet and fuck.

If you're currently having trouble keeping your fuckbuddy relationship "sex only", you'll benefit from downloading this "fuck book" app today, as doing so will allow you to meet women who really do want fucking and nothing else. If you already have a FuckBuddy and you don't want her to be your girlfriend, you should follow our helpful tips. We'll make sure that you're able to keep her happy without making her your significant other!

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Be Honest With Her

We all deserve respect. This is why we advise being honest with your FuckBuddy. It's really the best way to establish ground rules and earn her trust. If she feels you always tell her the truth, she'll be much inclined to fuck you with no strings attached. No one likes to feel conned or used, so be sure she understands that you're not really looking for a real relationship right now. Put a little sugar on it by telling her she's beautiful and sexy. Just be clear that this is a time in your life when you're looking for hot sex.

Tell her you'll go out of your way to please her in bed and make her come over and over again, but you just can't handle the demands of a relationship right now. Don't lead her on. Give her the facts and let her decide. It's an honorable way of maintaining this type of FuckBuddy arrangement. Women don't want to be lied to, so honesty is really your best defense against losing her because she wants to be your girlfriend. There is always the chance she really doesn't want to be your girlfriend anyway! If she hasn't mentioned being your girlfriend, she may be content with the fuckbuddy setup.

For all you know, she may have someone else or other things going on in her life. Just because she's a woman doesn't mean that she's desperate to be your number one. So, don't make assumptions, tell her the truth and let the chips fall where they may. If she bails, we recommend finding a brand-new FuckBuddy via the FuckSwiper app.

When you use this app, you'll see some hot things, such as porn of teens fucking and nudes of potential FuckBuddy girls right in your area. You'll also be able to send out nude photos of your own and chat. Fuck buddies are all over this online platform and you won't believe how hot some of these fuckbuddy prospects are. Whether you love icy blondes, sultry brunettes or fiery redheads, you'll find that you have choices galore. Girls use the app in order to get off and they aren't looking for romance.

So, don't limit yourself to one FuckBuddy, especially if she's giving you a hard time. You can branch out and find someone who wants no-holds-barred fucking, without the annoying commitment! It's all about shopping around, reaching out via FuckSwiper and then seeing what happens. So many people get laid via this app and you can, too. You won't need to pay for roses or fancy dinners. You'll just need to give her what she wants, which is your tongue, your cock and your kisses. If you can do this, you're going to make out great at FuckSwiper.

Keep Her Coming Back

To keep her coming back, without being your girlfriend, make her come. Give her powerful orgasms which she remembers for days and weeks afterwards. When you drive her wild in bed, she'll get hooked on your sexual prowess. If you think you need help in this area, use porn or other instructive materials in order to get better. You may want to up your game by doing more to get her off every time that you hook up.

For example, if she's not coming via your tongue, hands or cock, buy a vibrator and use it on her. Or find some massage oils and lubes and play around with those. Also, you could treat her to some sexy lingerie or maybe a cute and naughty nurse outfit. Just because you're her FuckBuddy doesn't mean you can't do nice things for her which relate to your sex life. Focusing on her pleasure will be the key to keeping her hooked and hooking up with you! Make sure to read up on the different FuckBuddy positions.

You might want to watch some porn together or send each other porn videos that turn you on. This will make both of you horny. The best advice is just to focus on fucking all of the time. Don't ask her how her day is going or what she had for dinner. Don't make it too friendly. Keep it erotic and bring some mystery and excitement into her life. She entered into the fuckbuddy arrangement because she wants sex. Giving her great sex which makes her thighs tremble and heart pound is what you need to do. When you supply that kind of high, she won't put too much pressure on you, because she's getting what she wants.

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